Room Thermostat with Gas sensor to control temperature in fan-coil and central heating systems

Capillary  Thermostat with Snap-action Contact

Termal Control of air -canditioners , wather boilers , fryers,...


Capillary thermostat with snap-action contact

with different temprature :

30 ÷90 C'

30 ÷ 120 C'

50 ÷ 300 C'




   مشخصات فنی


Termal control of  washing machines , water boilers ,....

Capillary Limit Thermostat

Fixed set-point thermostat , single-polesnap action contact, open at temperature rise . mainly used in small ovens , grills , kitchen ovens , deep-fryers , heating boilers.

the highest safety level ; tailor-mode accroding to desired temperature range.


  Technical Specification

Double-pole Limited Thermostat

Ambient Thermostat  for industrial Plants

 types of Knobs

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